It was inevitable...

Most people have done it.  They change their diet, and everything is going great.
But then, you have a moment where you want to go back to your old way of eating.  Some call it a cheat.  My wife calls it "living."

So, today was sort of a cheat day.  The wife and I, along with baby boy, headed out to breakfast with some friends.  I had an egg omelet with cheese and sausage, and a bowl of fruit.  I skipped the toast.  Probably should have skipped the cheese.  Seemed like there was a lot of cheese.

Lunch was whole wheat pizza with some pepperoni.  Low fat cheese.  One of those fundraiser pizzas.  After not having any pizza for a month, this tasted like a gift from Athena. 

And then came the deal-beaker.  Wendy's.  You might think, "oh noes!"

Well, I had a burger, with cheese, on a white bread bun, a cup of chili, and a diet soda.  I could have gone for fries, but I figured the burger was enough.

So now, I'm sitting in my recliner on the top floor, kind of regretting the burger.  I have that solid feeling in my stomach.  I feel like it's sticking out again.  This is not a good feeling.

I did take some time, while eating the burger, to savor it, just a little.  Still, it doesn't seem as if it was worth it.  I'm going to have to find a better cheat next time. 

Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Hello Dean, nice post but then should you not also skip the SODA?? Diet soda is actually 'less' healthy for the human race. Bag anything that contains carbonation, unless your sick & need some ginger-ale. Have you tried the green smothie rEVOLution, give it 10 days & you may just fall in LOVE with it.. Crazy, I know, Keep up the good efforts, am voting for you...Zook.

    1. Oh I'm well aware that soda of any kind is not good for the body, but we all have our vices. Sometimes you just need to get those suds.