Day One

So, today is Day One.  Numero Uno.

The best way to describe it?  "You gotta start somewhere"

I remember when I started DDIP.  How I felt.  How I hurt.  How, when during exercises, I could feel my belly sloshing all over the place.

That's how I felt today.

After one month of eating bad food, not working out, I've taken a complete back step of where I was.  I felt awful.  I felt fatigued.  I felt like a fat guy.

I couldn't do the exercises.  I couldn't complete every set.  I had to take breaks.

And then, something happened.  Drill, who was leading the group, walked by me and said, "remember what your motivation is, Deano.  He's at home, sleeping in his crib."

I smiled.  It hit me.  It made me realize why I was there.  I'm not there for myself anymore.  I'm there for him.  I'm there to make myself better so I can be around a long time.

I didn't quit.  I didn't give up, other than take a few "breathers" during the class. 

I just kept thinking about that baby boy, all 7 and a half pounds of him.  About how we almost lost him.

In school circle, Drill pointed out that he and I had been in communication with each other.  Then he said he was taking me on as an AB.  We're going to work together for the next 8 weeks to get better.  To get healthier.  To start this party right.

I haven't stepped on a scale.  I'm afraid to.  But, like I said, you gotta start somewhere.  Weight is a NUMBER.  That's it.  I just have to make that number, whatever it is, start to shrink and get closer to where it needs to be.

And I know just the person who can help me.

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  1. You will kill it Dean. I'll be stalking you!