The new year upon us...

When I started DDIP, I was heavy, out of shape, miserable.  We've talked about this.  Again and again.

I used the training to get stronger, faster, and lose some weight.  One thing I never really changed was my diet.  I wasn't interested.  I thought I was training hard enough that I didn't NEED to change anything.

Well, when the baby was born, I couldn't work out as much, and after a month of him being here, I've realized that I MUST CHANGE IT NOW.

I've read a book or two.  Now it's time to implement.  Not going to be easy.  Total change in approach and a completely different way to eat.

Eat to live.  Not live to eat.


  1. You can do this. I love your new motto and I am going to adopt it too. Eat to live. Not live to eat. My family and I need to get healthier so 2012 is the year we do it.

  2. Cut out cow dairy and u will lose 30 lbs in a month or two along with DDIP

  3. I'm with you Dean-O! Starting the new year on the right path. Go for it brother!

  4. Excellent Deano!! If you need an AB for this I am there for you buddy.